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Analytical Solutions (now part of Integra Technologies), founded in 1985, focuses its efforts on performing product evaluations through Failure Analyses (FA); Construction Analyses (CA); Destructive Physical Analyses (DPA); Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); Environmental and Electrical Testing; Counterfeit Device Investigations; and Security Analysis of electronic components and devices.


October 1, 2013 - Integra Technologies Announces the Purchase of Analytical Solutions Inc.
Integra Technologies, a world leader in integrated circuit test and related services, announced today that it has acquired Analytical Solutions Incorporated (ASI). Analytical Solutions provides product evaluation services through Destructive Physical Analysis, Construction Analysis, Failure Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing and Counterfeit Device Investigation of semiconductor devices. These services will complement the extensive electrical test and related services already provided by Integra. The combination of the two companies will provide a single point of contact for an extremely broad array of semiconductor test and evaluation services supporting the Military, Avionics, Space, Medical, Automotive and Fabless Semiconductor markets. The Trusted Security Analysis portion of the ASI business portfolio, which features the Pix2Net Software, is not included in the purchase and will be added to the newly formed company, MicroNet Solutions Inc, service offerings.

“We are very excited about the combination of Integra and Analytical Solutions,” said Becky Craft, President of Integra Technologies. “The Analytical Solutions portfolio of services compliments Integra’s business and provides our mutual customers with one of the largest semiconductor test and analysis service offerings in the industry.” Ms. Craft added further, “Integra has been an employee owned company since 2008 and we are pleased to welcome our new employee owners from Analytical Solutions.”

Michael Strizich, former President of Analytical Solutions, commented that, “Integra and Analytical are both leaders in their market segments. Combining the companies will give our customers an even stronger company to partner with as they continue to innovate with ever-greater levels of semiconductor technology.”

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About Integra Technologies
Integra Technologies, an employee owned company, is one of the largest independent test labs in the U.S and Europe. Integra's operation has been satisfying customers for over 30 years by providing a wide variety of IC test and related services including: Test Development, Final Test, Characterization, Wafer Probe, Qualification services (HTOL, HAST, Temp Cycle, etc.) assembly/repackaging (outsourced to qualified partners), PEM quals, upscreening, MIL-STD testing, counterfeit detection, obsolescence management and DMEA Trusted processing. Integra has one of the largest and most experienced test engineering organizations offering support for every device technology including RF, Mixed Signal, Digital, Linear and Analog. Integra provides 24x7 high or low volume manufacturing capacity and has demonstrated industry leading quality and on time delivery performance. Additional information about Integra Technologies can be found at

About MicroNet Solutions Inc
Formed in 2013, MicroNet Solutions Inc. was the R&D Division of its legacy company, Analytical Solutions Inc. (ASI). MSI is focused on Security Analysis, and Pix2Net Circuit Extraction Software.

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ASI Pyramid of Trust Analytical Solutions’s Pyramid of Trust in supply chain management allows a customer the unique opportunity to come to one source for all its service needs related to security design, configuration design, manufacturing and production validation, counterfeit detection, and failure or construction analysis of electronic devices. We have the equipment and capability to analyze electronic devices, validate the electronic device is a trusted device, and provide the trust you need with your internal or external suppliers in the design, manufacture, and production of high reliability products for the Defense, Aerospace, and Commercial industries.

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